Why Glass Tumbler

Coffee is the magic potion that keeps people focused during work and helps them cherish precious moments with their friends. Nobody wants a metal taste in their coffee. Yet only a few people know that stainless steel has physical and chemical properties that ruin the taste of coffee.

Stainless steel tumblers are porous. Oil, soap, and manufacturing lubricants get absorbed into the chromium oxide layer in the stainless steel and rot down with time, so much that even a thorough cleaning regime cannot remove them.

Research published in the journal Materials and Technology shows that materials with high surface energy like stainless steel are – hydrophilic (readily absorb liquids), susceptible to contamination, and rarely clean1. It means that when you pour a hot liquid into a stainless steel tumbler, the contaminated particles mix into your drink, making it taste metallic and potentially dangerous for your health.

The pores in glass, on the other hand, are so fine that they’re almost non-existent. Hence, glass perfectly preserves the original taste of your coffee.

Curmay’s Glass Tumbler has a pyrex glass liner which that prevents any contaminants from sneaking into your coffee. It also has a glass lip, so the coffee gives you that enchanting feeling when touching your lips and trickles down your tongue with the perfect taste.

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